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Family Resources / PODS

Parents for Online and Digital Safety

Internet access and digital learning is no longer a novel concept in education. MWISD is no exception as a 1:1 district providing an Internet-connected device for every student and enabling digital classroom integration with online tools such as Google Workspace. Parents for Online and Digital Safety (PODS) is a program by MWISD that provides families with resources pertaining to cybersecurity and is available from the technology department here on this webpage.

Mineral Wells ISD Public Portal (Software Use)

The Mineral Wells ISD Public Portal is a public page that allows our school district to showcase the software and web applications made available to our users, staff, and students. Once you access the Public Portal, you can find the filter system on the left side of the portal page, which allows you to navigate through our web applications. You can filter by the type of application, the campus, grade level, and more.
Once you select a web application, you can find the following

  • Brief description
  • The privacy policy, terms of service, data sharing agreement, and more. 

As technology is ever-changing, so is this public portal. We will continue to keep this website updated with the newest information. 
To access the software list, click here: MWISD Public Portal.

MWISD Technology Department's Mission and Vision Statement