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Inclement Weather


Occasionally inclement weather and other emergencies impact the time at which Mineral Wells ISD schools begin or end the day and can even result in cancellations. When these circumstances arise, MWISD’s top priority is to communicate with parents so they can plan accordingly.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help parents and the community better understand the district’s inclement weather communication methods.

Inclement Weather FAQ

  • A. MWISD uses School Messenger, which is a communication system that calls parents’ phone numbers when the district needs to relay an important message. Parents provide the phone numbers in this database when they fill out the student registration/emergency card. Parents should receive the MWISD automated phone call at the phone number that parents indicated as primary contact (usually a home number), in addition to the other numbers parents listed. 

    During inclement weather (such as delays or cancellations due to icy conditions), the School Messenger system will attempt to call phone numbers for both primary and secondary contacts. If applicable, School Messenger may also call the contact number for a third party, if they are marked to receive correspondence. 

    If district officials mark the call as an “emergency” then ALL contact phone numbers for a student will be called with the same message. This would include a parent’s home, work, cell or any phone numbers they have listed.

  • A. Yes. The automated phone call system is just ONE method MWISD uses to inform parents. Parents should not rely solely on this method. They are advised to also check TV, radio and the MWISD website for information.

  • A. Because weather updates can happen rapidly and to avoid miscommunication, please check the MWISD website. MWISD campus sites are linked back to the district site.  As we know, weather forecasting is an inexact science and weather predictions do not always materialize as forecasted.

  • A. For campus related information, such as revised class/bell schedules please check the specific campus website.  Individual sponsors may also be notifying students.

  • A.  When the threat or condition of extreme weather exists, Mineral Wells ISD officials will keep in close contact with the Mineral Wells TXDOT office.  District officials will begin checking roads early in order to determine if school will be held as scheduled.  Most decisions regarding school closure or a late start will be made by 6:00 am, due to early bus routes.

    Our Transportation Director and MWISD personnel will be out in the early morning hours in order to make a recommendation by 6:00 am to the superintendent about whether or not road conditions will allow our students and staff to safely travel between school and home.

    When inclement weather conditions exist, parents are advised to listen for announcements regarding school schedules on local radio or television stations as well as to check the Mineral Wells ISD website. 

  • A.  Once the decision is made to delay the opening of school, buses will run on a similarly delayed schedule.  For example, if the school start time is delayed two hours, students will need to be at their bus stop two hours later than their regular time.

    In the event the decision is made to delay the opening of school, District officials will continue to monitor road and weather conditions.  If conditions do not improve, the District may ultimately decide to cancel school for the day.  The decision to close schools in lieu of starting late will be made as early as possible so parents can make appropriate plans for their children.  Parents should continue to monitor media outlets and the District website in these situations.  The District will also utilize its automated notification system.

  • A.  If school has been cancelled for the day, the assumption is that there will not be any after-school or evening activities unless otherwise communicated.  If conditions improve greatly and any activity is scheduled with another district, the activity potentially could go on as scheduled.  If conditions deteriorate during the day or the threat of inclement weather becomes more likely, the District may modify or cancel after-school and evening activity schedules.  Changes in after school or evening activities will be posted on the District website as soon as information becomes available.

    Note:  Mineral Wells ISD does not typically release school early due to the threat of weather.  We encourage daily attendance by all students for optimum learning.

  •  A.  Mineral Wells ISD School Calendar reserves two bad weather make-up days as required by law. If no school days are lost to bad weather, these dates will be used as holidays.