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Apple Corps

Apple Corps Excellence in Teaching Award

The Mineral Wells ISD Apple Corps program rewards excellence in teaching by honoring outstanding Mineral Wells ISD teachers.  This honorary program inducts five new teachers each school year during the regular meeting of the District's Board of Trustees.  These excellent educators are chosen from a pool of teachers who have been nominated by their peers at each school.  The elite group enjoys several forms of public recognition and appreciation each year.

  • Sabrenia Potts Lamar Elementary
    Danielle Luedke Houston Elementary
    Jessica Kelly Travis Elementary
    Camille Grigdesby MWJH
    Christian Sanders MWHS
  • November Angela Pearre Travis Elementary
    December *Autumn Wraight MWHS
    January Bettye Meason MWJH
    February Lena Crusha Houston Elementary
    March Kathy Bessent Lamar Elementary
  • November *Leslee Barham Lamar Elementary
    December Carol Dodson Houston Elementary
    January Leslie Thompson Travis Elementary
    February Sheena Chan MWJH
    March Beth Stutts MWHS
  • November Shanna Bounds Houston Elementary
    December Colin Greenwood Travis Elementary
    January *Anna Dowling Lamar Elementary
    February Becky Bennett MWHS
    March Jami Miller MWJH
  • November Julie Souders Houston Elementary
    December Vikki Jones Travis Elementary
    February Deanna Jordan MWHS
    March Deanna Jordan MWJH
    April *Margie McGhee Lamar Elementary
  • November Skipper Bennett Travis Elementary 
    December *Debbie Brown MWJH
    February Krista Ferrell Lamar Elementary
    March Lesa Burgeson MWHS
    April Kelli Nicklas Houston Elementary
  • November Crystal Dameron Mineral Wells High School
    December Kathy Rogers Lamar Elementary
    February Tammy Williams Mineral Wells Jr. High
    March Noelia Kuhn Houston Elementary
    April *Patti Newsom Travis Elementary
  • November Angela Bryan Lamar Elementary
    December Jeff Brumfield  Mineral Wells Jr. High
    January Jessica Stephenson Travis Elementary
    February Rhonda Nicklas  Houston Elementary
    April *Beau Stutts Mineral Wells High School
  • November *Mark Beaty Mineral Wells High School
    December  Courtney Dusek Lamar Elementary
    February Debbie Webb Houston Elementary
    March Chad Miller Mineral Wells Jr. High
    April Carla Watson Travis Elementary
  • November *Della Enriquez Mineral Wells Jr. High
    December Melissa Lockhart Lamar Elementary
    January Monica Barrick Mineral Wells High School
    February Barbara Schipper Houston Elementary
    March Stacey Pierce Travis Elementary
  • February *Donna Henderson Travis Elementary
    March Jeff Williams Mineral Wells High School
    April Haidee Couger Mineral Wells Jr. High
    May Billye Tam Lamar Elementary
    May Sharon Purefoy Houston Elementary