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School Counselors

Mission Statement
The mission of the Mineral Wells ISD Guidance and Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive guidance and counseling program which fosters academic success, college and career preparation, and social and emotional development. Through effective communication, Mineral Wells ISD school counselors will consult and collaborate with students, parents, teachers, and members of the community to advocate on behalf of all students.

Program Overview
There are four components of the overall comprehensive Guidance and Counseling program in Mineral Wells ISD. The four areas and their responsibilities are:

  • Guidance Curriculum - Guidance lessons on a variety of topics; large-group consultations with students
  • Responsive Services - Individual counseling sessions; parent consultations regarding individual student needs; coordination with outside referral sources
  • Individual Planning - Academic and career guidance; parent and student consultation regarding planning and goal-setting; interpretation and analysis of assessment instruments
  • System Support - Community outreach; parent education programs; teacher consultation; school improvement planning


Lamar Elementary         Houston Elementary         Travis Elementary