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Medicine at School: Tips for Parents

Posted Date: 04/23/2024


🚫 No Self-Carry for Most Medications:
Please note that, in general, students are not allowed to carry medications during school hours. All medications must be checked into the school clinics, and parents must sign MWISD forms before campus nurses can administer them. If there's a genuine need for your child to carry their inhaler or epi-pen, a "Self-Carry" form, completed by the doctor, should be submitted to the clinic.  

*Students are not allowed to carry medications including cough drops during school hours.


⚠️ Detailed Instructions Matter:
It's crucial to provide school staff with precise instructions for administering your child's medicine. School personnel are not authorized to decide when to give "as needed" medications. For children with chronic health conditions, a plan can be worked out in consultation with the school nurse.


🚌 Field Trip Considerations:
Field trips can present unique challenges when it comes to giving medications. Consult your child's doctor to see if the medicine schedule can be adjusted, and collaborate with the school to ensure they are prepared to administer medicine during field trip hours.


🧴 Medication Containers:
Any medicines brought to school must be in the original labeled container provided by the pharmacy, doctor, or pharmaceutical company. No loose envelopes, foil, or baggies. The label should include the following essential information:

• Child's name
• Name of the medicine
• Dosage to be given
• Frequency of dose
• Administration instructions
• Name of the prescribing physician
• Date of prescription
• Expiration date

Your child's health and safety are our top priorities. Following these guidelines will help ensure a smooth and secure process for administering medications during school hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.