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Home of the Mineral Wells Rams and Lady Rams

The Athletic Department is an integral part of the total educational process of Mineral Wells ISD. Being involved in athletics provides the student with opportunities to develop leadership skills and to learn the principles of fair play and ethical behavior which are necessary for competition and cooperation in our society. It should also provide our students with unique opportunities for self-discipline, self-sacrifice, and loyalty to the community, the school, and the team.
Mineral Wells ISD encourages all students to participate in athletics by offering a well-rounded program of interscholastic athletics for both young men and women. Athletics which are regulated to meet educational objectives can provide a major contribution to the physical and moral development of students.
Our coaches are primarily responsible for compliance with all rules, regulations, and policies governing athletics at Mineral Wells ISD. This includes all UIL, district, and local policies which govern participation in Mineral Wells ISD athletics.
Compliance is enhanced when athletes and their parents are informed of and understand the policies. All coaches are directly responsible to the office of the Athletic Director for the application of these rules and regulations. The Athletic Director will administer these rules and regulations as they relate to inter-squad and inter-coach relationships.
We are proud to be associated with the entire student-athlete of Mineral Wells ISD and promise that we will dedicate ourselves to upholding the proud Ram Tradition of Mineral Wells ISD athletics.

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Coach Cody Worrell
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