About DAEP


The Mineral Wells Discipline Alternative Education Program (DAEP) is a supervised alternative education program designed to provide a restrictive educational setting for students who have not adapted to the traditional educational setting or who have committed a serious offense as defined in the Mineral Wells ISD Discipline Management Policy.
The program is a self-contained unit serving all students in Mineral Wells ISD who are assigned to the program as a result of specific behavior problems as outlined in Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code (TEC).
A student may be referred for possible placement in an alternative educational program when it has been determined that (a) the student’s presence in the regular classroom program presents a danger of physical harm to the student or to other individuals; or (b) the student has engaged in serious or persistent misbehavior that violates the district’s published standards of conduct. Serious offenses are those which substantially disrupt or materially interfere with the orderly process in the classroom or the school or with any school-related activity.
Emphasis is placed on behavior modification and the development of basic behavioral skills in an attempt to improve students’ academic achievement as well as social adjustment. Students receive individualized, guided instruction in math, science, social studies, language arts, and vocational and technological classes as taught by three certified Texas teachers. In addition, the students may receive individual and group counseling for behavior modification and character education.
Placement at DAEP is a result of a negative choice made by the student. The goal of placement at DAEP is to refocus the student and find positive ways to help the student become more productive and successful and a positive contributor to the school environment as well as society.
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