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Kidwell Heights Elementary

Kidwell Heights School was built in 1910 at 1508 SE 6th Avenue as an elementary school for grades one to four. 
It was used for various purposes after being closed as an elementary school--including the administrative offices for Mineral Wells' fledgling Silk Industry before and during the early part of World War II (when the supply of silk for parachute material was embargoed). The development of nylon as a substitute, however, was accelerated. The cheaper and more versatile artificial material doomed the native silk industry, and the offices were closed in 1942.
Kidwell Heights was used as a Junior High School for about three years, 1951 to 1954, after which time, the Junior High moved to the (then) new Mineral Wells third High School building at 900 SW 5th Avenue.
The inset in the picture is the south entrance of Mineral Wells' second High School at 101 NW 5th Avenue.  The building currently [2010] houses the Knights of the Pythias Hall.