Palo Pinto General Hospital Named March Partner in Education

A healthy education starts before the school bell rings, when students have nutritional meals and warm, clean clothes, which allow them to focus on learning. Wellness is also Palo Pinto General Hospital’s passion. Every day their employees give of themselves when they come to work to provide care for their patients. They see the needs of our community-first hand. It is heartwarming to know that this organization’s employees are reaching into their own pockets to support the health and wellness programs in our community and schools.

Keeping clean comes at a cost, and we know that students have a difficult time learning when they are self-conscious about their personal care. The employees at PPGH have been working with our school district to help eliminate these barriers by donating funds to provide additional care to our students so they can stay healthy and academically focused. This past month their employees donated $2,000 to assist students with critical life needs, like clean clothes, warm coats, or personal hygiene items.

During the March board meeting, the Mineral Wells Board of Trustees honored the staff of Palo Pinto General Hospital for their support of our students. Representatives Rhonda Patterson and Caye Mauney accepted the award on their behalf.
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