December Partner in Education-Make Mineral Wells Great Again, Inc.

Brad believed that our city had an amazing amount of untapped potential. Like many of us, he loved Mineral Wells.  So, he spearheaded an organization focused on topics like city politics, public safety, education, growth, cleanliness, and leadership that would drive positive community change.   

Recently Make Mineral Wells Great Again began promoting Secret Santa.  This project is currently gearing up to brighten the holiday season by helping connect families in need with the generous gifts and donations made available by employees, residents, and local businesses.   

The community is invited to participate in the program by donating new, unopened toys, gift cards or making monetary contributions to the program to be used for gift purchases.  Brad is currently working with local employers to help identify hardworking employees and to help provide gifts for their children during the week of Christmas.   

You see, Brad Jones lives by the same motto as Mr. Bigweld in the movie Robots, “see a need, fill a need.” So Brad is doing what he does best. He is giving what he has and leading others to do the same.  Such a simple concept that will have a big impact on Mineral Wells.   

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