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Every moment of every day in Texas public schools, real life engagement and profound learning occurs. This is something that our students and teachers know well. They celebrate these big and little moments as they happen.  As a community, we too, should be celebrating these moments.

That is why during the month of March we will join other school districts across the state of Texas to “Celebrate Texas Public Schools”.

Special events and open houses are planned at each campus to showcase student work for parents and community members.

A typical day at Mineral Wells Jr. High is filled with imagination, exploration, and new discoveries for our students.  They invite families and the community into their school to see firsthand how they are preparing for the future.  MWJH Open House is Tuesday, March 17th from 5:30-6:30 pm. 

Join the celebration with Lamar Elementary when they host an open house on Thursday, March 19th from 5:30-6:30 pm.  This will also be a great opportunity to view the progress of our new Lamar Elementary. 

Mineral Wells High School invites the public to attend a special open house on March 19th from 6:00-7:00 pm.  Ligh snacks will be provided and all teachers will be available in the cateteria to visit with families and community members.

Athletic Director, Coach Perry will have a presentation in the high school auditorium called “Navigating the Recruiting Process”  where parents can receive valuable information that will guide them through the college sports recruiting process so they can find the right opportunity for their child.

Kim Ortiz will provide a student success spotlight in the Go Center.  This is an opportunity for parents to receive assistance for students who have yet to complete their college application.  Parents will also have access to computers to complete their FAFSA and receive information on Upward Bound and Talent Search which are programs that provide underclassmen personalized services and supportive education opportunities. 

Houston Elementary invites everyone to bring the whole family out and discover more than you can imagine at their open house on March 26th from 5:30-6:30 pm.  Houston will also be sponsoring their Annual Art Fair, so be sure to visit the exhibit. 

Our schools provide a solid foundation with dedicated efforts by educators and support from parents and the community.  NOW, more than ever, it is important to share these great things that are happening in our Texas public schools.

By sharing the good news of Texas public education, we can ensure enhanced opportunities for future generations of Texans.

After all, “education is bigger here in Texas”.



Calendar & Events

Calendar Legend

LE = Lamar Elementary
HE = Houston Elementary
TE = Travis Elementary
JH = Junior High
HS = High School
All = District Wide
CC = Cross County
FF = Football Freshmen
FJ = Football JV

FV=Football Varsity
GJ = Golf JV
GV = Golf Varsity
VF = Volleyball Freshman
VF = Volleyball Freshman
VJ = Volleyball JV
VV = Volleyball Varsity
TJ-Tennis JV
TV-Tennis Varsity
BFG-Basketball Freshman Girls
BJG-Basketball JV Girls
BVG-Basketball Varsity Girls
BFB-Basketball Freshman Boys
BJB-Basketball JV Boys
BVB-Basketball Varsity Boys
SJG-Soccer JV Girls
SVG-Soccer Varsity Girls
SVB-Soccer Varsity Boys
PLV-Powerlifting Varsity
SBJ-Softball JV
SBV-Softball Varsity
BBJ-Baseball JV
BBV-Baseball Varsity














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