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The division of Campus and District Accountability provides campus and district leaders with student performance data to gauge progress; inform good decision making; and target assistance for students, teachers, and schools.
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School districts in Texas are evaluated under the state's accountability system, which is administered by the Texas Education Agency. In addition to the state accountability system, districts are also evaluated under a federal accountability system, commonly known as No Child Left Behind, and starting in 2014 are evaluated under a local accountability system, the Community and Student Engagement Accountability System (CSE).


The Texas accountability system has changed over time, but has historically relied upon the student results on specific state assessments to determine a rating for each district and school. The state assessment used to evaluate students has also changed over time, from the TAAS test to the TAKS test to the newer STAAR test, which is still being phased in as the TAKS test is being phased out.


Initial district and school ratings under the STAAR-based Texas accountability system have been posted. Under the new accountability system the district and campuses may receive a rating of Met Standard, Improvement Required, or Not Rated.  The accountability system contains four performance indexes each with a category of Met Standard or Did Not Meet Standard. Campuses that receive a Met Standard rating are eligible for Academic Distinction designations.