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Campus Library Reopening COVID-19 Guidelines

Providing library services and materials to students and staff in the safest manner possible during the re-opening of campuses is the top priority of MWISD Library Services. This plan seeks to offer guidance in the re-opening and safe operation of the school library. Campus librarians are encouraged to consult with campus administrators on implementing library guidelines in accordance with campus needs.
Outstanding Library Materials
Books that were not returned to campus at the end of the 2019-20 school year will remain on student accounts throughout the summer. Reminder notices will be sent home at the beginning of the new school year. One month after school has reopened, all books will be marked as lost.
Use of the Library
Decisions regarding whether students may access the library individually, in small groups, or with the whole class should be made in accordance with district guidelines and campus administration. Librarians will adjust to the various phases of opening through four levels of service.
Library Preparation
Prior to opening, library staff will prepare the space to ensure the safe operation of the school library by doing the following:
  • Place entrance and exit signs on designated doors. Doors may be propped open between classes to minimize contact.
  • Mark spaces in the library so students know where to stand while waiting their turn to checkout/in materials.
  • Space furniture so there is additional distance between all furniture.Use tape or stickers to identify the seats students can occupy or remove chairs completely.
  • Space ‘spots’ in the story time area (elementary) so that students are seated 6 feet apart. If not possible, the story time area should not be used with an entire class.
  • Place directional arrows on the ground to create a traffic pattern using painter’s tape or other carpet-safe adhesives. Duct tape should not be used on carpet.
  • Furniture that cannot easily be cleaned with disinfecting cloth/spray should be removed or covered to prevent use. 
  • Pack away all shared materials (crayons/pencils, coding/makerspace, games, puzzles,
Student Use Guidelines
Students will practice social distancing in the library and follow protective measures in accordance with current disease activity levels as outlined in the MWISD Prevention and Response Protocol document.
  • Students will sanitize hands upon entering and after visiting the library.
  • Occupancy will be limited.
  • Small groups or individual students may visit the library for checkout independently in accordance with district guidelines and campus administration.
  • Students will sit only in the seats provided and should not share seats.
  • When appropriate during whole class visits, library staff will assign seats to students and limit book browsing to small groups.
Disinfecting the Library
  • High touch surfaces (i.e. tabletops, chairs, door handles) should be disinfected regularly.
Browsing for Library Books
Students locate books by either searching the online catalog or browsing the shelves. In person browsing is an effective means for locating books of interest and the most popular among most library users. Because of the potential transfer of viruses from user to book and book to user, it is important that all library users properly sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the library.
Checking Out Library Materials
Option 1
Students check out their own materials. Self-checkout stations should be disinfected between each user if touched. To limit surface contact, students should scan their student ID rather than typing in the number.

Option 2
Library staff checks out all library books while wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. This option might be better in a whole class checkout situation in which students are not able to scan ID cards. Once all students have checked out, staff should dispose of gloves, wash their hands according to CDC guidelines, and disinfect the checkout station.

Mobile Option
Library Staff will set up a mobile cart with books and a checkout station to be taken to individual classrooms for student checkout.
Checking In Library Materials
  • Library materials should be checked in as they are returned to the library.
    • Option 1: Students check in their own items and place them on a designated cart.  With this option, students should not need to touch the computer. If it is necessary to touch the computer during check in, any surface touched should be disinfected.
    • Option 2: Library staff checks in all books that are returned to the library using proper precautions.
  • As items are checked in, they should be placed in/on designated boxes/carts which will be labeled with the current date, moved to a secure location, and left untouched for a period of 4 days. (Realm Project, 7/20/2020)
  • At the end of the 4-day quarantine period materials can be shelved using standard library procedures.
Level 2 Library Service
At Level 2, school is open, but the library remains closed to students. Services are provided to students and staff through embedded support where the librarian brings materials to, and delivers instruction in, the classroom. Consider this level of service when the disease activity level is at substantial.
Level 3 Library Service
At Level 3, the library may operate at limited capacity for student browsing and self-selection of reading materials, small groups, or class instruction. Consider this level of service when the disease activity level is at moderate or minimal.