Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees


1999 Inductee


Edward “Catnip” Nelson,-Basketball, Class of 1967

Richard Ritchie, Class of 1973, Football

Dick Griffin, Class of 1922, Track

Alvin Garrett, Class of 1974, Football

Ellen Mouch, Class of 1985, Golf and Basketball

Johnnie Smith, Class of 1995, Track and Football

Jim Long, Class of 1947, Football

Manor Cliett, Class of 1964, Girls Basketball



2000 Inductees


Harvey “Pigg” Thomas, Class of 1930, Football

Henry Anders-Class of 1988, Football

Carl Knight, Class of 1955 Football and Basketball



2001 Inductees


Bobby Burris, Class of 1957, Track

Bob Helterbran, Class of 1965, Football and Basketball



2002 Inductees


Charlie Bond-Football, Class of 1955

Gregory Ware, Class of 1941, Football

Honor Team-1994 Track Team



2003 Inductees


Honor Team, 1964 Ramettes Basketball Team

Russ Pate, class of 1965, Basketball

Debbie Johnston-Garrison, Class of 1972, Rodeo and Gymnastics


2004 Inductees


Regina Kimbrough, Ramettes Basketball, Class of 1981

Duane Grissett, Class of 1948, Football

Honor Team-1952 Mountaineers Football Team


2005 Inductees


T.C. “Skip” Cox, Class of 1960, Varsity trainer/manager @ MWHS

Crocket Grimes, Class of 1958, Track and football


2006 Inductees


Charles Daves, Class of 1961, Football and baseball.

Curt Knight Class of 1962, Football and Track

Honor Team, 1966 Rams Football Team

Glynn Lindsey, Class of 1962, Football


2007 Inductees


Honor Team- 1967 Ramettes Basketball Team

Ronny Glanton, Class of 1978, Golf

Sean Fisher, Class of 1986, Football

Wayne Anders, Class of 1969, Football, baseball, and track


2008 Inductees


Frank McQueary, Class of 1942, Football, Track

Jackie Ingle, Class of 1960, Football,Baseball

Doug Sanford, Class of 1962, Golf and Baseball

Anthony Walker, Football

1958 Boys Baseball Team



2009 Inductees


Johnnie Jackson, Class of 1974, Football and Track

Ricky Ashley, Class of 1976, Basketball and track

Trey Hooper-Class of 1985, Football and Track

Adell Duckett-Class of 2000, Football, basketball, and track.

Honor Team-1970 Boys Golf team


2010 Inductees


Matt Russell, Class of 1978, Baseball

Casey Schultz, Class of 1992, Track and Cross Country

Tony Anguiano, Class of 1969, Special Contributor, Basketball

Gary Sherley, Class of 1973 Football and track

Honor Team-1979 Boys Basketball Team


2011 Inductees


Shawn Nolen, Football Special Contributor, Class of 1998

Sammye Smith, Class of 1964, Basketball

Leittia Knight, Class of 1996, Track

Doug Brady, Class of 1980, Football and Track

Amber Mahan, Class of 2002, Powerlifting, Volleyball, Cheerleading

D.J. Archer, Class of 1999, Bowling

Honor Team-2002 Lady Rams Powerlifting


2015 Inductees 


Bill Kinder 

Ron Morain

Steve Dean

Frankie Washington

Clint Reynolds

Rodney Henderson

Tavis Harvey

Fredia Nickerson-Sneed

Sandy Wooten-Class of 2006-Two-time state state champion holds all sprint records

Heather Teichmann

Francene Powell-Poole

Kelvin Thompson

Emmanuel Hicks


2017 Inductees


1967 Ram Football Team

Chad Boone

Rory Nowak

Jerry Hamilton


2017 Inductees


1993-94 Ramettes Basketball Team-Led by head coach Gary Young and assistant coach Allison Nowak, members of the 1993-94 Mineral Wells Ramettes included Jana Ables, Tonya Anders, Jamie Breisch, Julie Brown, Misti Brown, Shiana Crow, Rachel Holamon, Natalie Holyfield, Jessica Johnson, Linda Loftin, Radiah Phillips and Leah Richards.


2004 Lady Rams Softball Team-Led by head coach David Tarver and assistant coach Jeannette Barron members of the team included Brittany Andress, Nicole Baker, Myra Barierro-England, Shanae Beck, Amanda Daniel, Amber Driggers, Rachelle Gonzales, Jessica Jenkins, Natalie Jones, Rebecca McDaniel, Becky Mitcham, Ashley Olson, Dolores Retana, Lisa Sneath, and Krystle Wien.

2018 Spring Inductees
2001 Rams Baseball Team
Head coach David Crawford
Assistants Derrick Conley and David Rodriguez
Players Kelsey Cates, Kevin Crump, Chris Hatley, David Gonzales, Michael Benavides, Rickey Brown, Cody Guzman, Andrew Tam, AJ Vogl, Weston Radford, Matt McDaniel and Armando Benavides.
2019 Inductees
Adrian Colbert
Stanley Carter
Sean Harvey
Leon Teddlie
Max Trickey