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Meet Rambo the Ram

He is the Rams' biggest fan and the personification of school spirit.

Read on to learn all about our favorite Mighty Ram.


Your name is rather unique. Tell me the story behind it.
The Mineral Wells teams began as the Resorters.  Mineral Wells, as the name suggests, was the home of springs that gushed forth what the locals called "Crazy Water," which attracted tourists to the resorts.  Later, when that trade died down, we were called the Mountaineers.  (Yes there are some hills nearby!) And now we are now called the Rams.  

My name Rambo the Ram, alludes to my background as a Mountaineer a job that called for me to be an inhabitant of a mountainous region in Mineral Wells.  I love to climb the hills and rocks in Palo Pinto County.  However, these days, you’ll find me roamin’ the sidelines of Ram Stadium and stands at all home athletics events.


When is your birthday?
September 1970. But I’ve been told I’m young at heart.


What’s your favorite sport? I can’t just pick one. Baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, football, powerlifting, track, soccer, softball, and volleyball, in no particular order.


Do you have any famous friends?
Well, Rosie the Roo (Weatherford's mascot) and Blue (Graham's mascot) and I go way back. These days I am proud to rub elbows with our Rams coaching staff. You’re going to be hearing a lot of good things about them, and one word in particular: talented!


Favorite color:
I’m told I look good in red and black. Well, white, too. It’s a toss-up.


What do you love most about Mineral Wells ISD?
OK, serious moment. MWISD is my family; there’s a genuine sense of community here in Mineral Wells. Everyone here is accepted, valued, and encouraged. Go Rams!