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Mineral Wells ISD Technology Initiative Sponsorship Opportunity

Mineral Wells ISD is excited to begin a 1:1 Chromebook initiative where students in Junior High and High School will be assigned a Chromebook laptop to use at school and at home.  The purpose of this educational initiative is to provide access to resources and tools to meet the needs of 21st century students, engage students, and provide the opportunity to do work that was previously not possible without greater access to a computing device.  This program will be rolled out over a four-year period starting with 8th grade students this school year. Chromebook devices will be distributed to 8th grade students starting January 3rd.

We at Mineral Wells ISD want every student to have an equal opportunity to have internet access wherever they may be. That is where hotspots come in. A hotspot is a portable device that will allow students to have internet access anywhere. Students will be able to check these out from the library, take them home, and then bring them back the next day. The amount of time the hotspot is at the student's home will depend on how many hotspots we have. This is where sponsors come in.

How to Sponsor

*Sponsorship for one or more hotspots available.

*1 hotspot- $20.00 a month, 10 months a year= $ 200.00 a year.

*Sponsoring will include one advertising sticker on the hotspot with your business name and your     business' contact information 

If you have any questions, please contact David Oestreicher or Janalee Martin at the Mineral Wells   District Services Complex.


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