The 93rd Annual MWHS Coronation, "Love is in the Air" on Saturday, January 26th


The 2019 Royal Court

12th Grade

King Zander House of Adams & Queen Katy Beth House of Rollins


11th Grade

Israel Carrasco & Lexus Vigil


10th Grade

Cristian Narvaez & Ariana Lowe


9th Grade

Adrian Salazar & Kaci Davis



The 2019 Court of Beauty


12th Grade

Kholmon Davis & Lauren Marshall


11th Grade

Ivan Aguayo & Hanna Montes


10th Grade

Luke Bullock & Telyza Hinojosa


9th Grade

Daniel Pickinpaugh & Alayna Gutierrez




A Brief History of Coronation

In the early years, only a Queen was selected by the student population and she then chose her King. During that time, votes were cast by putting a penny in the jar of the Queen nominee of choice. The young lady with the most pennies became the Queen.

Representatives from each class and organization now take part in the ceremonies in welcoming our King and Queen to the throne. In years past, instead of representatives from organizations walking, area businesses sponsored high school students to be recognized.

Over the history of Mineral Wells High School, many fads and trends come and go, but the formal elegance of the Coronation remains an integral part of our year.



Elections for the Royal Court and Court of Beauty usually begin at the end of November and the first of December.  Participants in the ceremony must be high school students currently enrolled at Mineral Wells. Each campus organization and sport is responsible for selecting one girl and boy to represent their group.

Those interested in becoming part of the entertainment will go through an audition process well in advance of the Coronation. A panel of teachers are the judges in this process. Also required to go through auditions, are the Masters of Ceremonies. 



Tickets will go on sale Friday, January 18, 2019 in the high school office. Ticket prices are $10.00 each. Only reserved seating is available and you must have a ticket to attend the dance.  Tickets may be purchased from Kelly Simonton in the high school office.

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