MWISD Schools Join Millions in Teaching Computer Science During Hour of Code Week!

The Hour of Code has come to Mineral Wells ISD! In an attempt to promote awareness about the importance of computer science in our tech-saturated world, MWISD will join millions of others in schools around the country during the national Computer Science Education Week in conducting computer science/computer programming activities with their students. The Hour of Code is a campaign to prove that regardless of age, race, or gender anyone can learn how to not just consume, but build the technologies of the future.
Sponsored by, a non-profit organization dedicated to growing computer programming education, this effort is also supported by many high profile tech gurus like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Bill Gates of Microsoft, as well as many other famous celebrities.
This hour of time will be dedicated by teachers to explore computer programming activities with their students and create an understanding of the tremendous need for computer science graduates in our country., along with other organizations, has created many age-appropriate tutorials that teachers and students can easily access and use. 

Our students are among over 4 million already planning to try one Hour of Code during Dec. 5-9 worldwide. This movement, organized by and supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and over 100 others, is a statement that today’s generation of students are ready to learn critical skills for 21st century success.

 Each campus is participating.  Here are a few of the activities being held in honor of the "Hour of Code":

Lamar Elementary

Hour of Code activities will happen in the classroom and through the rotation teachers next week. The classroom teachers will all do the unplugged Lesson 9 from Building a Foundation with gumdrops & marshmallows. 

The rotation teachers will do some on the computer and some “unplugged games”. Even the PreK students will get to do the Building a Foundation & a lesson called Happy Maps where they learn to move the flurbs different directions. Students will learn vocabulary words algorithm and persistence.  The Kindergarten and First Grade students will play an “if, then” game in PE where the “programmer" challenges the “computers" to do different exercises using the computer language “if, then."

  Lessons for the week:

• Classroom teachers will teach lesson 9 from (PreK, Kindergarten, First Grade)
• Library will teach Kinder and First coding using BeeBots.
• Library will teach PreK lesson 1 from (Flurb lesson)
• Music teachers will show a New Hour of Code tutorial video from and work through lessons form Moana: Wayfinding with Code. (Kindergarten and First Grade only)
• Computer Lab will teach a coding lesson either using or (Kindergarten and First Grade only)
• P.E. Play "If, then" game. (Kindergarten and First Grade only

 Houston Elementary

Houston Elementary will be using the Minecraft module at beginning on Monday. The instructor will have a Chromebook hooked to the monitor so all students can collaborate and work on solving puzzles


Travis Elementary

The library will be sponsoring an Hour of Code event all week. Each day students will participate and "coding" will be the featured activity in the makerspace for the week.  Day one the 6th grade will work with Tynker: Coding for Kids.


Mineral Wells Jr. High

The vast majority of teens enjoy video games and games on their phones.  It is many times their main source entertainment. However, they have never had to create a video game or witnessed the hard work it takes to allow them to enjoy the game. Fortunately this week is Hour of the Code, both seventh and eighth graders get to enjoy this thought-provoking and intriguing process. They get to see the intense trial and error of coding the characters to follow commands in order to eventually create a game. A large number of students have aspiring dreams of becoming software engineers in order to become game programmers.  This week MWJH students get to see this game-creating world in a more simplified level.


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