Thank You!

The holidays are a great opportunity to reflect on our blessings and realize the true meaning of the season. 

Mineral Wells ISD would like to extend their sincere gratitude to our outstanding staff as well as members of our community for their tireless efforts and contributions throughout the year.

We are always amazed and humbled with the abundance of community endeavors that take place in our schools. Thank you for your passion, determination and generosity in making this happen. Through your efforts you have made a difference.

We at Mineral Wells ISD have so much to be thankful for; our students who are motivated and enthusiastic; supportive, engaged families; and our professional learning community of teachers making a difference at our schools through a growth mindset environment.
In the spirit of the season, our sincere wish is for everyone to have a safe and meaningful holiday.  Thank you for supporting our schools. We have great schools for a great community!
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