October Partners in Education

In many parts of the state, Friday nights are considered a sacred pastime. You can see the lights of the high school football stadiums for miles around that draw people of all ages. It’s not so much about football, than it is about community. Friday nights have become a celebration. 

One way excellent way some of our local churches have been able to add to our Friday night celebrations is to host a “5th Quarter” event following the Ram football games. This has been a popular outreach activity for our youth in Mineral Wells for many years, and is a great way for churches to connect with our community. 

What more could a kid want?  It’s a free, no-strings-attached evening of music and games that include a lot of food and caffeine.  It is designed for students in 7th through 12th grade and provides a safe and healthy environment, where kids can be among friends. 

It is also a great way for churches to interact with the kids in the community and give the students something to enjoy, and where parents can be comfortable knowing where their children are on a Friday night.  Ultimately, the goal is not to be too structured, allowing the youth to come and just be themselves.

The Mineral Wells Board of Trustees honors our 5th quarter sponsors for supporting our students and building a stronger sense of community for them.  Thank you for your help with enriching the lives of our students and our community.

Pictured:  Indian Creek Baptist Youth Minister, David McClure, First Baptist Church representative, Tom Seaton, and Chris Snow from Cityview Community Church. 

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