Lamar Elementary's Library Offers a Makerspace For Kids Who Like to Create

 What is a Makerspace?

Yo might have noticed the Lamar Elementary Makerspace bulletin board in the hallway and several people asked about it. In recent years there has been a makerspace movement in public and school libraries all across the country.

There are maker communities that gather together to share knowledge and collaborate. For our upper school levels there is a strong push toward technology, woodworking, and time to explore individual interests such as sewing, construction, and cars. It involves experts willing to offer their talents to guide others and a common meeting place where tools are already provided.

Mineral Wells ISD is implementing the makerspace movement by utilizing campus libraries. Our library is more than just books; it is a connection between students and knowledge. The idea behind makerspaces in the school library is that the knowledge is available in the library and then students apply knowledge they’ve acquired in a creative manner in a maker space.

Lamar Elementary is going to be made up of “little makers.” They will offer a free play area that encourages children to create, imagine, and build. Sometimes our maker space days will focus on problem solving. For example, students are presented with a problem or a project and then they will use materials provided to create a way to solve the problem.

Lamar Librarian, Mrs. Almeida has attended two days of informative training on makerspaces and both types of makerspaces are encouraged at this age level (free play and problem solving). This year is Lamar Elementary’s foundation year for makerspaces and they will monitor and adjust as the year progresses.

Students will love it and Lamar Elementary looks forward to displaying some of their creations by posting pictures on their maker space bulletin board throughout the year.

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