Meet Your 2015-16 Athletic Trainers


Student trainers from Mineral Wells High School had an early start to their school year when they assisted our coaches and athletic trainers during two-a-days in August.  With the summer heat, the student trainers also ensured that the teams had plenty of cool water to drink during all practices, scrimmages, and games.  Their mission-to help keep athletes safe and healthy during the athletic season.


Of course, the days of student athletic trainers being perceived as simply ankle tapers and water cooler monitors are long over.  Under the supervision of MWISD athletic trainers, Ryan McKee and Amber Stone, the students learn and participate in prevention care, first-aid, and rehabilitation of sports injuries.  They put in a great deal of hours with daily direct training room duties and providing training coverage at assigned athletic events both at home and away competitions. 

The student athletic trainers are an invaluable part if the MWHS sports medicine program.  Without their assistance, MWISD would not be able to provide outstanding medical coverage to our teams.  They are our second set of eyes, ears, and hands.  With their support, it allows our athletic trainers to perform the advances tasks and procedures that are part of being a certified athletic trainer.


Having a student athletic trainer program is a major step toward improving sports safety in schools. These students fill a very important position within any athletic department, working with coaches and trainers to reach the same goal: a successful, healthy program.


This year’s group includes:

Standing: Jacob Acosta, Beatriz Zapata, Mirella Castor, Airaca Graham, Amber Stone (AT), Ryan McKee(AT), Amy Greensweight, Alisha Wells, Darian Moya Jordan Lenamon

Kneeling:   Jordyn Boyd, Shandie Hamilton, Alexandrea Silva, Traci Abbott, Mayra Veazquez

Sitting: Erika Mendez, Balea Wells


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