MWHS Hall of Honor Seeking Nominations for April Induction

Criteria for selection to this honor includes that the person must have graduated high school at least ten years prior to nomination, has been an integral part of the community, school district, and education of the students at Mineral Wells High School for at least five years.  This person does not have to be a graduate of Mineral Wells High School, but someone who has adopted Mineral Wells as their home and contributes to the community and students. Please include any newspaper or magazine articles, letters of recommendation or other documentation that profiles your nominee as an outstanding contributor to the students of Mineral Wells High School.

Deadline for this application is February 28, 2020.  Please bring or mail the nomination to Mineral Wells High School, MWHS Hall of Honor, 3801 Ram Boulevard, Mineral Wells, TX.  There ceremony will be held in the MWHS Auditorium April 30th.  The honorary alumnus will be announced by the Mineral Wells Index three weeks prior to the ceremony.  The two senior “Elite Ram Society” recipients are not revealed until the day of the ceremony.

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