Shareit is a New, Safe Space for Anonymous Reporting

Many schools all over the country are implementing anonymous reporting tools to connect with students and community members who may be fearful of speaking up or feel like they aren’t able to use their voice on a public platform.

We chose Shareit because it allows community members to submit not just the issues and concerns they have, but also the good things that they see happening in our school community. We believe this supports our approach to building a safer school environment for everyone. We welcome you to get involved and submit what you’re seeing, hearing or feeling - whether it be good, bad or sad. The Shareit widget can be found on the home page of the school website at  in the lower right hand corner of the page.

Approachable and Anonymous.

Shareit is a non-threatening, anonymous, easy-to-use solution for speaking out about safety,
security and wellness-related concerns.

A Direct Line Into Your Schools’ Climate.

Use the awareness generated to proactively reach out to students in need, design wellness
programs to address at-risk behaviors, identify issues before they escalate, and inform procedures
or guidelines for reviewing and verifying reported incidents.

Celebrate the Good.

Shareit allows students to recognize positive things that are happening at school. Understanding
the social-emotional climate of our district isn’t limited to identifying threats — it is equally
important to have insight into what’s being deemed positive among our students as well.


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