Mineral Wells Independent School District

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MWHS Apple Corps Nominee, Lesa Burgeson

"Mrs. Burgeson teaches U.S. History, Psychology, and Sociology which provide vital information for our students to learn. She is exceptional at relating information to students in a way that is memorable and that involves student in the learning process by encouraging debate and discussion. This method creates a dynamic learning environment without barriers or apprehension to express one’s views. Her classroom is the perfect example of the democratic process for respecting diversity while striving to attain our personal and national freedoms”.

“Mrs. Burgeson’s teaching style models the district’s mission to educate students and empower them to expand their opportunities. When I think of Mrs. Burgeson, the foremost characteristic that comes to mind is her patience and willingness to work with all students to encourage their participation in class and to be successful”.

                                                                                                                 -Mineral Wells High School

Congratulations to Ms. Burgeson on this special recognition of her achievements. We commend Lesa for making a difference in the lives of our students at Mineral Wells ISD. She is a wonderful example of the phenomenal teachers that represent our school and an excellent ambassador for the teaching profession.

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